Downsizing is so liberating! Design consults have been *invaluable*! I wouldn't have done it willingly, but moving into a smaller, more affordable place with better location required it. I totally procrastinated on it till the end & still have more stuff to let go of, but wow it was great & fun! This mantra appeared & kept repeating in my head, 'This is extreme downsizing' which helped me let go of things. An interior designer / painter, Marcella Rogers of A Finished Home, who has a small condo herself, said:

1) Everything has to serve three things: it has to be practical; it has to store something as well (or have another dual purpose); and one has to love it. And,
2) The general rule for letting go of something: if you haven't used it in the last year and you don't love it, get rid of it.

I couldn't have even chosen this place without her opinion before I took it. And I couldn't begin to imagine how it could work without her suggestions & input. Even on next to zero budget for purchasing different stuff, her suggestions have been invaluable, not only for my living/work space, but for my peace of mind, budget & seeing possibilities! :) There is much work left to do, it's an ongoing work in progress. And it's simply amazing to have someone open your eyes & help you see / explore the possibilities! She has areas of strength / gifts / talents & skills that I simply haven't developed a knack for, that are such an amazing useful contribution that makes a great difference in one's life! Thank you Marcella!

Toronto, ON

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